Children's Ministry:

CVPC believes that our children are a sacred trust to be faithfully stewarded for the glory of God into the next generation.  For this reason, we do not seek to entertain our children, keeping them quiet until they are old enough to participate as adults; rather, we seek to incorporate them as fully as is age-appropriate, training them up in ways of Kingdom Life as they grow.  While we do have programs geared towards various age groups of our children, our prayer is that we would grow to see them as, and they would know themselves, to be objects of their Father's great - and entirely undeserved - and abiding love in Jesus.  

We seek to cultivate in our children a delight to be the objects of the Father's delight in Jesus through:

  • Sunday School for all ages

  • Sunday Evening Youth Group

  • Participation in Worship, Outreach events, and Growth Groups

Youth Ministry:

We seek to fulfill this calling by:

  • Middle School and High School Sunday School Classes

  • Weekly Youth "Fun Nights"

  • Various Small Group Studies through the week

  • Establishing and Maintaining Informal Connections with the Youth

  • Annual Youth Camp at Ridge Haven

  • Incorporation of Youth into broader Life and Ministry of the Church

  • Incorporation of CVPC adults into the Lives and Ministries of the Youth

  • CVPC seeks to build upon the "gospel foundations" laid in the earlier years by discipling our older youth (middle and high school) in "gospel wisdom," that is, in living out in our relationships and responsibilities the patterns and priorities of the gospel revealed in Jesus.

  • We believe that this shepherding task is "covenantal." That is, that we have all taken covenantal vows to support and encourage and participate together with mothers and fathers in raising our children in "the Christian nurture of these children." This involves providing instruction, direction and support to parents; facilitating the helpful involvement of other congregational members in the instruction, direction, and nurture of the children; and, of course, providing opportunity to cultivate among the children themselves gospel feelings, thoughts, speech, behavior, and lifestyle habits.