What is God's Mission for CVPC?

  • We believe that the Church of Jesus Christ is the gathering of Christ's blood-bought lambs from across time, nations, cultures, languages, races, and denominations.  For this reason, we believe that each local congregation of that Church belongs directly to Jesus and is led directly by His Spirit.  We believe, therefore, that CVPC is set in Flintstone by Christ's Spirit for His continuing mission
  • God's Vision for CVPC: displaying God's glory and demonstrating God's grace through a people bound together in Christ by the powerful working of His Spirit;
  • God's Mission for CVPC: to proclaim and teach Jesus and Him crucified to all people and equip his disciples in the power of the Spirit to walk together in love in order to display the glory of God's good work to restore all things in Christ.
  • God's Strategy for CVPC: by a life together as a community of Worship, Fellowship, and Service, characterized by individual and corporate, public and private habits of repentance, rest, and joyful obedience.